Announcing rg3d 0.20

I’m happy to announce that rg3d 0.20 has been released. This release contains a lot of new features and improvements. The most large are WebAssembly support, initial 2D support and multi-layer terrains.


Let’s start from the engine, there are 182 new commits compared to 0.19 and here’s the most interesting changes:



rusty-editor has gain lots of improvements for last few months. One of the huge improvements is the terrain editor. Check this video:

There are 98 new commits compared to 0.7, here’s the most interesting changes:


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I’m working on the engine for more than 2 years now and getting very little financial support. If you want to see the project alive, please consider making a donation on Patreon or LiberaPay or one-time donation via BuyMeACoffee