Progress report for 3 months

It was quite a while since I did the last post about the progress in rg3d (November 2020, ouch). Now it’s the time to fix that! For last three months rg3d and rusty-editor has gained lots and lots of big features and improvements. Also I started making new game using the engine - a Sci-Fi 3D shooter called Station Iapetus, check the end of the post for more info, but for now just check the video:


Lets start from the engine, it has 139 new commits from November 2020, here are the most interesting changes (prepare for the wall of text :) ):



rusty-editor changes rapidly too, it has 96 new commits from November 2020, here are the most interesting changes:


As I mentioned in the beginning of the post, I started making a new game. It will eventually be released in the Steam, and I hope it will become the proof that the engine is production-ready quality. Here are some fresh screenshots:

Screenshot1 Screenshot1

I’m planning to release demo in at 29th of March to get some feedback and improved the game before release it in Steam. Check the repository for more info.

The future of the engine

Unfortunately, the future of the engine heavily depends on the money. I’ve tried to get some sponsorship from various companies, but with no luck yet. I hope to get some money by selling Station Iapetus in the Steam. I’m working on the engine for more than 2 years now and getting very little financial support. If you want to see the project alive, please consider to make a donation on Patreon or LiberaPay , unfortunately GitHub sponshorship is not available in my country.